Sylvia Piechulla, Art representative, London, United Kingdom

Victoria Kovalenchikova was born in Belarus, is a professional painter ,lives and works in Amsterdam and had more than 35 solo shows and group exhibitions since 1997.With her own gallery she is promoting the Belarusian art school in Holland.

Victoria often uses historical settings and wants to give the viewer a definite sense of space. As a result the metropolis becomes her focus point from which stories evolve and develop outwards. She approaches painting as an incremental process and as a result the surface of her work is comprised of layers of skin. Urbanism or Still Life paintings are coming to life with a style that evokes a profound sense of the sublime with her exceptional technical abilities as a painter.

Victoria`s work can be found in the Museum of Belarusian State Academy of Art, the Contemporary Fine Art Museum in Belarus and more high scale institutions.

Sylvia Piechulla,
Art representative, London, United Kingdom